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Walker family of Pullen Vale

Transcript of handwritten notes from John SMITH of Brookfield July 2006 Edited by K.Martin 20/10/2009.

Adam James Fairley WALKER , also known as Adam James Furley Walker was born in 1839 at Maunchline Scotland. In 1860 he married Agnes McLaughlan in Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.

In 1865 they and their eldest two children emigrated to Brisbane.

In 1871 Adam selected por. 231 Parrish of Moggill, an area of 200 acres. Access is off Voyka. Haven Road Brookfield. Voyka St. is now called Kamala Drive and this drive runs through Por 231.

In 1872 he selected adjoining Por; 245 Parrish of Moggill an area of 200 acres and in 1874 he selected Por.263 Parrish of Moggill. Access to the top of this block is off what is now called Fig Tree Lane off Haven Road Upper Brookfield, making a total of 432 acres.

His home most probably was built on por.231 as this has been a house site for a very long time and there was no evidence of a structure being built on por.245 or por. 263 until later years. (por.245 in 1990 and por 263 in 1953 and 1988)

He called his holding “Glen Pullen” and was active in local affairs being amongst other things the first Secretary of the Pullenvale School Committee and was instrumental in the correspondence which saw the first Pullenvale School built in 1874.

Adam and Agnes had nine children, Agnes 1861, John 1863, Mary 1865, Robina 1867, Elizabeth 1869, Margaret1871, Adam 1873, Gilbert Ramsey 1876, and William 1878. Adam and his infant sons Adam and William are buried in the Pullenvale Cemetery (on top of Mt.Elphinstone). Agnes, Adams wife died in 1930 at Taringa after retiring there from her property at Pullenvale (Glen Pullen). Adam died on the 13th. Of May1879 from Tuberculosis which he had suffered for four years. His sons Adam died in 1876 and William died in1879.

His Second son Gilbert Ramsey, my ancestor was born in 1876 and was only three years old when his father died, He was raised by his mother and lived in Pullenvale in the 1880’s and 1890s; he would have attended the Pullenvale School in these years.

The first Pullenvale School was at the Junction of Haven and Herron Roads on the north west corner.

On page 14 of 125yr. Celebration of Brookfield School is a letter by Adam regarding the building of the Pullenvale School.

On 22nd. April 1897 Gilbert Ramsay left Brisbane for Sydney as an Honour Guard for Queen Victorias Jubilee, Six from Moreton Mounted Infantry.
Sergeant Charles Upton,     Sergeant George Burns,         Corporal Albert Robert Pacey,
Private Walter Pacey,             Private Gilbert Walker      and Bugler E. Strong.
Silver Medals were presented to each Horseman by Queen Victoria.

Boer War ( South African War 1899-1902 ) From Shire of Moggill

Barnes G.D.                     Flood L.                                Palmer R.
Bettany N                          Logan T.J.                            Upton C.N.
Butler G.                            Mildown G.A.                       Walker G.R.
Doyle G.                            Penhaligon W.H.(Jun.)     Templeton S.S.

In 1896 Stock Brand to Adam Walker , Glen Pullen Moggill
Registered Brand A I W (from the 1896 Brand Register)

Gilbert Ramsay Walker In Uniform

Gilbert Ramsay Walker in uniform.

Photo and Transcript supplied by Lieutenant Colonel Garry Spencer, AM (Ret’d)