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Pullenvale / Pullen Pullen Creek

There are several different versions of how Pullenvale was named.

One version is that it was named after George Pullen the Timbergetter. This version appears in a Brisbane Courier Article on Pullen Vale of 4 Jan 1930. It also credits him with the naming of Pullen Pullen Creek.

Other versions are based on Pullen Pullen Creek being named after an Aboriginal word, and that Pullen Vale was named after this creek that is sourced, and runs through Pullen Vale.

Some of the Aboriginal Meanings given have included 'to Die' (Pullener), 'Lonely Plac'e (Bullen-Bullen) and 'Healing Place', with the water from the creek having healing power.
The term Pullen-Pullen, however, was used by several sources in the 1840s and 1850s to mean a large gathering of Aboriginals from different tribes for fighting. Libby Conners, USQ Senior Lecturer in History writes "the pullen-pullen were not just sporting matches, they could involve political decision-making, law-making and spiritual ceremonies depending on the pressing issues of the day" in a 2009 paper on Aboriginal resistance and Dundalli in the 1850s. (http://epri
Other Users of this term by non-Aboriginals include: Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Mar 1845, where it was described as a gathering for fighting and The Moreton Bay Courier, 2 Feb 1850
The Ipswich Suburb of Gailes was also known as Pullen Pullen Flats, before being changed to Dingo Hill in 1919 and then to Gailes in 1924
Pullen Pullen is also said to mean Parrot, although this is probably not from a local dialect. (Ipswich Suburb and Place Names,

According to the Pullenvale School Centenary Booklet, the area was known as Glen Pullen in 1873, Glen being the Scottish name for a Valley. Pullen Vale was then chosen as the name for the School in 1874 and more recently become Pullenvale.