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Moggill Creek / Moggill Road / Moggill

Moggill is said to be the Turrbal aboriginal word for Water Lizard in the Jagara language, although there are other theories as to the origins of the name Moggill.

Tom Petrie, in the book Reminiscences of Early Queensland, written by his Daughter, Constance, Gave 'Magil' as the word for Water Lizard and thus the "meaning of the name Moggill Creek".  Tom Petrie grew up in the Moreton Bay Settlement in the 1840s, spent a lot of time with the aboriginals and became proficient in their language, so is usually regarded as a reliable source.
Another theory is that an ex-convict called Mog lived in a shack in the vicinity, the place gaining the name Mog's Hill. Early recorded spelling, prior to 1850, was sometimes Moghil, but other than that there seems to be no further evidence available.
An article submitted to the Brisbane Courier, 30 June 1870, on how Moggill got its name said that Moggill was a native word for 'Healthy Place' and that the place was used as a sanitorium, where the sick would go to regain health. A similar meaning had also been suggested elsewhere as the meaning of Pullen-Pullen, so maybe the area was known for its health giving properties.


Magil the Water Lizard