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Gibson family of Moggill

There are four members of the Gibson family buried in Moggill Cemetery: Rosina (1903), Samuel (1941), John James (1949)and John Gibson (1953)

This information was compiled by Neville Marsh, from the following sources:
Moggill Historical Society; A Time to Remember Descendants of Moggill Pioneers Souvenir Booklet; URL viewed 30 January 2014
Sugars, Bruce; 16 January 1997. URL viewed 1 February 2014

John Jame Gibson

John James GIBSON, born on the 1st March 1866 in Moggill and died on the 9th February 1949 at the Ipswich General Hospital. On the 11th March 1949, he was buried in the Moggill Cemetery
Photo supplied by Great Granddaughter, Helen Turner.