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Boyle family of Moggill

James Boyle originated from Armagh, Ireland. In 1868 he took up a selection of land on Pullen Pullen Creek at Moggill. James married Elizabeth Hughes also of Armagh, on 9 February 1870, at St Stephen’s Church, Brisbane. They raised a family of eleven children in their home on the corner of Mt Crosby and O’Brien Roads. The family made a living by dairy farming and growing small crops. Butter was made at home and later, cream was taken to the Moggill Diary in Turbot Street, Brisbane.

James and Elizabeth retired to Toowong. The farm passed on to William, who in turn sold it to his youngest brother, Patrick, who had six children and lived on the property until his death in 1965. Patrick is buried in Moggill Cemetery. His widow, Mary, and family members retained portions of the holding until 1985 when the last family ties with the original property were severed.

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