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Bainbridge family of Pullen Vale

On 2 July 1863, the Cairngorm arrived in Brisbane after a ‘favourable’ passage of 92 days from Greenock. The Courier reported that out of 340 passengers, 25 had contracted measles soon after departure but ‘fortunately’, only seven cases were fatal. Amongst the Scots emigrants were Robert Bower Bainbridge, Dougald and Margaret Currie and their children.

By 1870, Dougald and his family were settled in Pullen Vale on portion 225 when they felled timber to build their home. He farmed the land and lived there until his death in 1882. His daughter, Mary, selected the 59 acres adjoining portion 225. She married Robert Bower Bainbridge in 1871. Here their eleven children were born and nine of those children are buried in Moggill Cemetery as are their parents and their maternal grandparents. Members of the family married into the Anstead family: daughter Isabella married Joseph Thomas Anstead and grand-daughter Violet married William Anstead.

Bainbridge camp

Robert Bainbridge wears the upturned hat with his dog by his side.
Source: Goeldner Family Tree

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